Valaen Icebreaker

Valaen is fair in appearance, with straight brown hair and hazel eyes. He wears leather armor and wields a heavy pick and light steel shield.


Valaen Icebreaker is the 2nd born son of Otolir and Cyna Icebreaker. He has an older brother Kingston. As he is the 2nd born, he will not be taking over his father’s shop, instead he attempting to come into his own.

  • He often scouts the area and has been known to bring back hurt or injured animals found in the nearby jungles and wetlands.
  • In the past 3 years he has found he following baby animals after tracking predators to their kill sites. A pair of baby Hedgehogs, 3 Goats, and a Boar and have brought them back to town.
  • Valaen befriended a Hobgoblin named Chet Bonechizle who has gone missing 3 months ago. Last person to see Chet was the fisherman Atenious, and he was headed deeper into the forest beyond the Frog Fens.

Valaen Icebreaker

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