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  • Loot

    _Please keep track of the loot that you guys collect and pool as party loot on this page_

  • Character Creation - Part 2

    h1. Generating a Character h2. Part 2 - Classes, Skills and Feats *No evil alignments are allowed in this campaign* Also make sure to please have the book with you or a print up of the information for a reference should you need to consult any …

  • Character Creation - Part 3

    h1. Generating a Character *No evil alignments are allowed in this campaign* ---- h2. Part 3 - Traits & Background h3. Traits * "Traits Overview":http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/ultimateCampaign/characterBackground/traits.html#traits …

  • Treasure

    h3. Aptos: * 1x Web Fish, partially nibbled on by a lizard h3. Birdman: * 5 Earth-tone Frogs placed into the Backpack of Loss. * Please subtract the cost of rations taken into the Fens with you. h3. Loss: * You have temp loaned your …