Quest for the Net

Chapter One: Rise of the Heroes

Session Recap

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Day Three: Crocodile Attack

  • As the party moved towards the Net they took care to stay away from the deep waters and used the land to their advantage.
  • Halfway towards the net, the party heard a thrashing in the water behind them. They turned to see a frog being catapulted into the air as a crocodile.
  • Loss and A moved to attack and after a few blessed moments, the crocodile met it’s match
  • Chak-Chak moved forward to fetch the net, as he got closer he found a croc stuck in his net. Fighting to a stalemate the croc broke free of the net (and the net itself) after diving into the water.
  • Loss dove in (after catching up to Chak-Chak) and saw that a swamp lake was over 40 feet deep and some Cocs in the water. Along with the Croc, there were bones of a riding lizard and rider.
  • After using his grappling hook and rope to catch the net from the bottom of the lake, Loss did not catch the crocodile, but instead hooked a waterlogged backpack (poor shape) from near the rider.
Critical Awesome

An epic story is told in the tavern as Loss the Crocodile Slayer tells of a battle where he kicked a 40 lb crocodile into the air and spinning through the air he slashed the crocodile decapitating it.

Day Four: Headed Home with a purpose

  • During the night watch, a storm from the South East caused large concerns about the safety of staying still.
  • Aptos concluded that there were at least 5 areas of intense magic, the storm (unnatural) and 2 closer (to the party) and 2 more closer to the center of the storm.
  • The party met with a scouting party from the Fort and headed home.

*Day : Four *

Experience & Treasure


*650 exp/each

Completed Encounters:



Unknown Holder:

Autumn Equinox

Supplies and Deliveries

The Green Leaves Caravan will be arriving in town on the 14th of the month.

  • The Green Leaves Caravan claim they are the best in the region for their Speedy Service.
  • The have begun to gain a reputation of displeasure for denied responsibility for broken or flawed items as a result of transport.
  • They have a warehouse in Alnwick
  • Their HQ is located in Glaregain Region

Downtime Details:

Things the players want to accomplish before the next session/adventure




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