Seeking Knowledge of Storms and Bidding Farewell to a Fallen

Chapter Two: Secret Cave Rendezvous

Session Recap

The party were summoned and escorted to the town leaders to discuss the events that took place the other night and to find out what happened in Galure’s Inn.

Town Leaders: Ma’Dur, Dilkuda of Jidorc & Mede

Upon getting the trio’s side of the story, and Chak Chak sharing he was not part of the ruckus, the members were dismissed. On their way out they saw Galure and Manda Lisorius waiting outside the room they had exited. Both were summoned as the leaders of the town wanted to get to the bottom of the skirmish and resolve it before the town festival that would be held the next day, as well as in advance of the Green Leaves Caravan (outlined below) that was scheduled to arrive later on the 14th of Orin.

The party broke after the meeting with Chak Chak returning to Ermel’s shop; and Loss and Aptos heading to the the Scarlet Pipe (Inn/Tavern owned by Galure).

@ Scarlet Pipe; songs were sung about Loss the Crocodile Slayer; Drinks were drank, and discussions of Desna took place between Cola Lisornius about the worship of old gods and current beliefs. This conversation seemed to sway Cola into being open to discussing Desna more and with folks in the town.

@ Ermel’s Lab; A meeting between Ermel and Otolir were heared by Chak Chak. Upon learning that there could be dangers, or perhaps a larger concern @ the caves within the town, Chak Chak stated he would gather the troops and meet with Otolir back at his shop, the Smithy known as Metal and Lace.

When the party met up, they gathered supplies and a loan of weapons and went in search of adventure, and missing children. They found that the guards that were tasked with closing up the caves to prevent folks going missing or die as a result of the old caves, had done a poor job of “boarding” the mouth of the cave up.

  • Day 5: “Blasted” Kobolds

Upon entering the “Old Caves” party opted to map the locations and mark interesting details within. They traveled 1 hour and 30 minutes and came into contact with some Scaled Gnomes.


Experience & Treasure


  • Level Up! Grats on Level 2.

Quest Completions:

  • Recounted Events @ Scarlet Pipe without embellishments or shaming Galure to Elders

Completed Encounters:

  • Three “Hipster” Kobolds
  • Disarmed Traps x3

To be sorted out.

  • 42 Gp
  • 1 Sp
  • 7.5 Cp
  • High Quality Buckler w/ Wolf’s Head Design
  • Spear; Size category Small Humanoid
  • Charred Leather Armor; -1 to AC value if worn in this condition; Size category Small Humanoid
  • Sling
  • Sharpened Rocks (Sling Bullets x4)
  • Collection of assorted Glass and shards (from main hut) [6 lbs]
  • Assorted pieces of clothing; socks, hats, shirts (all worn by Kobolds at one time)
  • Backpack x1 [2lbs]
  • Tan Sack w/ Sidewalk Chalk x18 pieces [.5 lbs]
  • Bolt of Canvas (3 yards) [10 lbs]
  • 1 Bottle of Elven Pinot Noir (Bottle)
  • Small Chest (Wooden) w/ 33 Trade Bars of Iron; Marked with Dragon Horde Symbol [7 lbs]
  • Portable Ram [20 lbs]
  • Bronze Signet Ring
  • Cigar Box with Wax; stamped with the mark of the Green Leaves Caravan [1.5 lbs]
  • Small Iron Box, no lock [20 lbs]
  • 1 pair of Medium Sized Snowshoes; Good Condition [8 lbs]

Upcoming Events in Community

Autumn Equinox

A time to renew/seek out contracts of employment. Drinking, Merriment and acting on emotions are not uncommon.

  • 1 Day from current Session
  • Contests, Bets, Food, Ale and Spirit of Competition!
  • New Apprentice & Master Relationship/Renewal Contracts

Supplies and Deliveries

The Green Leaves Caravan will be arriving in town on the 14th of the month.

  • 15 Days from current Session


  • The Green Leaves Caravan claim they are the best in the region for their Speedy Service.
  • The have begun to gain a reputation of displeasure for denied responsibility for broken or flawed items as a result of transport.
  • They have a warehouse in Alnwick
  • Their HQ is located in Glaregain Region

Downtime Details:

Goals and Items of note the players want to accomplish:


  • Converting folks to the worship of Desna



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