Ermel Lightbender

Ermel is short and heavyset, with red hair and dark blue eyes. He wears expensive clothing and silk gloves; diffrent color per day of the week.


Ermel is hard on his apprentices. Mostly because of the dangerous work and skills that an alchemist will gain over the years.

He is a glass blower and is always on the look out for sand patches to place metal rods into them. After a lightning storm he is extremely excited to check out the sandy areas to try and locate Fulgurite sculptures.

  • His workshop is located in the 2nd District.
  • The market stall he sells his goods in was nicknamed the Glass Shark Shop by a visitor from Lemuroidea 6 years ago. His apprentices all agree that this is a better name then Glass and Gasses, the name that the local townsmen came to call it before.

Ermel Lightbender

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