Let's all be heroes!

Chapter One: Rise of the Heroes

Session Recap

Our heroes ( Chak-Chak, Aptos, & Loss) made their way to the Frog Fens.

  • Chak-Chak was sent sent to fetch Frog Livers, and frogs alive if possible, by his mentor Ermel (the Gnome Alchemist).
  • Aptos overheard Galure the owner of the Scarlet Pipe (Inn/Tavern) talking about seeking new food sources; Frog Legs and Crocodile meat.
  • Loss is scheduled to escorted people that leave the town. Upon hearing he would be heading into the Fens, Valaen Icebreaker asked Loss to be on the look out for any signs of Chet (the hobgoblin) that had been missing.

Day One: Getting the band together

  • Each member had a reason to travel to the fens
  • A party broke out as the Honey Mead wine was uncasked

Day Two: Monkey Business

  • The party came across some monkeys crossing their path.
  • Loss attempted to communicate with the monkeys before continuing on.
  • After setting up camp, during the night watch one of the monkeys tip-toed up to the camp and took Aptos’s backpack and attempted to flee.
  • A ruckus took place and the sport of Monkey Punting was born.

Day Three: Frogs and Crocodile

  • The party sought out ways to fish for frogs and worked on their MacGyver skills.
  • A Lizzard that caught a Web Fish, was caught by Aptos.
  • Chet’s corpse was found.

CSI Results:

  • Chet was determined to have been killed by a blow to the head.
  • He also had a partially carved arcane symbol into his flesh (a Z with a circle in the middle of the / part of the Z).
  • He had been dead for at least 3-4 weeks.

The party moved Chet’s body to the campsite they slept in. They used the cape and some larger rocks to weigh down the cape and prevent scavengers from doing more damage. They went back into the Fens to collect some more frogs and possibly find the crocodile to help make some more money.

Experience & Treasure


225 exp / Each , breakdown as follows:

Completed Encounters:

  • Thwarting Monkey Heist: XP 100 / each

Role-playing and Character Development:

  • XP 125 / each for working as a team to tackle the quests together and character development.

Current Quests:

  • Frog Hunting: In Progress; exp to be given when turned in
  • Crocodile Hunting: Attempting; exp to be given when turned in
  • Locate clues of Chet: In progress; exp to be given when notification is given



  • Honey Mead was 2sp per mug, subtract the amount for any and all glasses you were drinking.
  • First one was free for the Locals (Loss)


  • 5 Earth-tone Frogs placed into the Backpack of Loss.
  • Please subtract the cost of rations taken into the Fens with you.


  • You have temp loaned your backpack to hold the frogs to the Chak-Chak.


  • 1x Web Fish, partially nibbled on by a lizard

Unknown Holder:

Chet’s Backpack Contents:

  • 1x Long-sword
  • 1x Water-logged Backpack
  • 1x Locked waterproofed wooden lock-box: 1x Leather-bound Journal with sketches, tables, notes (in Goblin), 1x signet Ring, 2x partially melted candles, 1x silver pen with calligraphy tips to write with.
  • 4x Platinum Coins

Timeline & Events in town

Campaign began on: 1st day of Orin in the year 450 D.E.

  • There are 6 days until the “Autumn Equinox” – A day that youths are presented with new opportunities to take on an apprenticeship.
  • Trip to the Frog Fens can take 2 or more days total.

Autumn Equinox

  • It’s often the day of new choice and beginnings are acted on.
  • Traditions include public and private swearing of oaths, exchanges of gifts, affirmations of relationships, contests of intelligence and bare knuckle boxing, and often nudity due to intoxication.
  • A sacrifice bundle (1sp or more based on the type of wishes they have) is to be presented to ones spirit animal in the middle of the day.

For example:

  • A family may place a wheel of cheese, loaf of bread and a cup of honey meed for the Mouse or Rat at their home’s alter. In exchange for the sacrifice of a meal today, they hope for meals to always be available to their home for the year.
  • A Trapper and worshiper of the Snake, may offer a collection of captured insects or rodents to the burrow of a snake. In exchange, they hope for the hide’s they harvested during the trapping season be lucrative.

Supplies and Deliveries

The Green Leaves Caravan will be arriving in town on the 14th of the month.

  • The Green Leaves Caravan claim they are the best in the region for their Speedy Service.
  • The have begun to gain a reputation of displeasure for denied responsibility for broken or flawed items as a result of transport.
  • They have a warehouse in Alnwick
  • Their HQ is located in Glaregain Region

Downtime Details:

Things the players want to accomplish before the next session/adventure

None. The next session will be starting up within the Frog Fens.



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