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  • Let's all be heroes!

    h2. Session Recap Our heroes ( Chak-Chak, Aptos, & Loss) made their way to the Frog Fens. * Chak-Chak was sent sent to fetch Frog Livers, and frogs alive if possible, by his mentor [[:ermel | Ermel]] (the Gnome Alchemist). * Aptos overheard [[: …

  • Quest for the Net

    h2. Session Recap *still being edited* ---- *Day Three: _Crocodile Attack_* * As the party moved towards the Net they took care to stay away from the deep waters and used the land to their advantage. * Halfway towards the net, the party …

  • Home Page

    h3. Next Session: 30-NOV-2015 The quest to bring back frogs and crocodile meat continues.... Heroes: * [[:loss | Loss]] * [[:aptos | Aptos]] * "Birdman" ----