Ancient History

Age of Creation

The Sun, Moons, and Planet were all used as battlegrounds between the powers of Law, Neutrality and Chaos against the one true enemy; the Far Realms.

  • Agents of Law fought on central spheres (the Planet)
  • Agents of Chaos lit the largest sphere on fire (the Sun)
  • Agents of Neutrality cracked spheres into celestial bodies, such as the moons, asteroids/comments, and stars.

After a massively failed offensive attack, by a General from the Far Realms, the army was defeated and chased back into their realms.

Age of Reconstruction

The Primordials were the ones that stayed attempt to repair the extensive damages and cracks in the universe, hoping to stop a massive collusion of planes as a result of colliding into one another though the rips in the Astral and Ethereal Planes.

Reshaping the material plane resulted in the forming of unique and unforeseeable development into the Cosmology that would pan out in the far future.

Stories and Rumors from the Shadow and Feyrealms are that the hyper end of the color spectrum was taken from the prime material and placed into the respective planes, thus forming a connection between the two.

Age of Timelessness

the Planet

Many of the planet’s deep ridges and high peeked mountains were the result of the Agents of Law building trenches and favorable terrains to do battle with the Agents of the Far Realm. When they left, any materials they left behind lay dormant on the surface of the planet.

  • Some items found in Rations that may have resulted in the early beginnings of Tera-forming – Nuts, Fruit, forgotten decanters of Endless Water, etc.

The celestial bodies

The remains of the sphere that the agents of neutrality fought on have been to form and be heated up by the flaming solar flares of the sun. This has created twin moons, stars and Asteroid (metals and rocky material) and Comets (ice, dust and rocky material). As well as any remains of the two battling armies that may have been left behind.

The Sun

The two laws of motion and the impact of the battles remained. The ever flaming firestorm (ignited in the previous age) sphere spins counterclockwise, while the central core of the sphere spins clockwise. This has produces radical solar flares and heating the core of the planet. Celestial bodies have been heated up, and corpses and weapons burnt up as the lashes of flame pass by/come into contact.

Age of the Phoenix

This is the first age that references in long dead civilizations, and religious teachings and legends allude to. Religious and ancient texts allude to the “birth” of 5 races; from the spirits and powers that linger from the time of the battles with the far races.


The spirits and rebirth is a common theme and many of the religions are built on a foundation of reincarnation and fate. Primordial entities are worshiped as Gods, and the view of the Phoenix as the overseer of life, death and rebirth are the 5 powers that will drive this age.

The Creator Races

The following are native sentient species evolved on the planet; and have not traveled to this planet though portals (the concept of Magic would not have a catalyst until a later age)

  • Apiz – A race of giant sentient bees, these community minded helpers cultivated crops and foresters on a scale that 100 generations of farmers could only hope to match 1/12 of the farmland the civilization.
  • Bakali – A race of scaled-kind that lead a nomadic style; as a race they have no morals against violence, and some individuals have a more tolerant view of others offering peaceful solutions.
  • Dragons – One of the only creator civilizations that continued to thrive into the modern era. Legends say that they did not originate on the Planet; instead they came from the celestial bodies such as the Moons.
  • Taiga – Towering, gray-skinned nomads, standing 20 feet tall and weighing 5 tons when fully grown. They are nomadic and wander endlessly to keep from depleting the food supply of any one area. They traveled bodies of water and were the first known race to travel the oceans.
  • Xvart – Were a race of humanoids that created tools and collected gems and other raw materials that they could turn into jewelry and other adornment. Before Dwarves and other races sought shelter in caves, the Xvart were building wonders from the natural stones, both above and underground.

Dawn of Mortals

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Ancient History

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