Campaign History


Many centuries ago, an uncharacteristically intelligent (very old) white dragon known as Porphyrionmyntbloom gathered a flight of white dragons and descended upon the lands of the fledgling kingdom (whose name was lost though the ages). The flight began to transform the once temperate forested hills and thriving grassland planes into a landscape into an Arctic Tundra.

The choice was simple, bow before the dragon’s followers by paying the required stipend of gold and wildlife (to feed the dragon) or be wiped out of existence. Many battles were fought and once mighty armies were lost, leaving many towns and villages to follow the demands.

Recent History

450 years ago the (now) Great Wyrm Porphyrionmyntbloom and the remaining members of the flight descended into the skies towards the full-moon. This left the dragon’s followers to face down the allied races that had been subjugated. Winning back their freedom the members of the alliance had won their freedom, but gained no answers as to what caused the Dragon’s to leave.

Campaign History

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