Fort Jidorc

Fort Jidorc

Built amidst the flora a half day’s travel from the mighty jungles of the Spider Wilds. Besides the resources the swamp flora and fauna brought, they were also influential when it came to architectural designs/ Made mostly of wood and sturdy vines are the core of the settlement.


Local History

Year 433 DE (after Dragons Exoduses) An adventuring band, calling themselves the Soldiers of Stone, embarked from Lemuroidea seeking glory and riches. They traveled for three months before they came across smoke plumes from a fire in the distance, the first signs of other people and a possible settlement. Upon closer inspection, the adventures would meet with the locals in the encampment they called “Jidorc” to honor their fallen brother named Jidorc; their elected elder.

The leader of the Solders of Stone, Ma’Dur Stonebinder and Dilkuda, first born of Jidorc met in council. The locals were in bad shape and only 12 people claimed the lands as home. Others had left in previous years due to an increased attack from Ettercaps (while trapping) and three years in a row the locust swarms had decimated the crops they had planted near the forest’s edge.

Seeing the locals in danger was the primary reason for the Solders of Stone to stay on and help. Additionally many of the adventures saw opportunities to find the glory they had been seeking. The ruined watchtower had large gashes in the hard stone. It was as if a mighty beast had raked it’s talons across the stone in an attempt to topple the structure and suck out all within, as it was a bone and the creature wanted the tasty marrow. Signs of a potential dragon could mean that there were artifacts or even a dragon’s cave to explore. The locals, offered to do manual labor and offer services (food, guided, mining, etc.) to the adventures in exchange for the added protections and healing the adventures could offer.

Year 446 DE (after Dragons Exoduses) A wooden wall was erected, and the remaining stones from the towers were used to create structures and new (smaller) watch towers to help with the defense. With the addition of new structures, and safeguards, the new settlement was called Fort Jidorc.

Noteable NPCs

  • Ma’Dur Stonebinder (Orc) – Sheriff
  • Galure – “The Scarlet Pipe” Owner
  • Otolir Icebreaker (Dwarf) – Smith (Weapons & Armor)
  • Three Fingered Dixon – Town Drunk


  • The Scarlet Pipe – The inn is a two-story timber and brick building. The innkeeper is a stout male elf named Galure. He was once an adventurer, but retired to marry and raise a family.
  • Metal and Lace – A a two-story timber and brick building. The building has a blacksmith shop on the ground floor along with a small booth where a tailor’s shop faces the road. The second floor is living quarters for the Icebreakers; Otolir, Lapaz and their 2 son’s Kingston and Valaen


  • Soldiers of Stone – The local Military

Fort Jidorc

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